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Lifestyle, Fashion, Society, Sexuality, Love

The little hole in the eyelid, what is it for?

Have you ever noticed that inside your eyelids is a small hole in the shape of an almond? Well hidden, it has an important function for our organism.

Many science classes have skipped this little hole inside the lower and upper eyelids. However, the role of the lacrimal punctum (such is its name) is essential to the proper functioning of the eyes.
little hole
Once the tears are secreted by the lacrimal glands, the punctum opens the tear duct, which pulls the tears towards the nose. That’s why it starts to flow when you cry. Even if nasal mucositis was not used properly, the punctum allows the eye not to be constantly tearful, since the tear glands secrete continuously to keep the eyes moist.
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Why is sex so important for the couple?

Dissatisfaction with sexual frequency is without a doubt the most discussed problem in lifestyle. At the same time, these couples assure me that they have an almost exemplary relationship! They have fun together, they discuss a lot of things, they have a nice complicity, they offer gestures of affection on a daily basis, but their bed only serves to sleep. In short, they are the best friends in the world and not lovers. So they come to see me to find this sexual desire, simply because in their memories, this moment of intimacy did them the greatest good! Before you dive into a sexological process to find these magical moments, you must first and foremost be aware of what sex can bring you on a daily basis. Here is my top 5.

To live a deep connection

More and more scientific research is showing that sexuality is not a physical need. The frustration experienced during prolonged abstinence is usually the result of unmet psycho-emotional need. This is why you have the impression that masturbation can not completely fill the desire that lives in you. She can soothe her, but she will not replace that deep connection you have with your partner during sex.

To develop sexual complicity

Relational complicity is not always enough to consolidate the love you have for each other. Moments of sexual intimacy help you stay on top of your reciprocal excitement. Explore the caresses that stimulate you, the positions that turn you on and why not the erotic toys that titillate you! It is a fact, to develop a sexual complicity it is necessary to make a mark on this lassitude and to explore together the sexuality which will be in your image!

To do good

Sex is good, that’s all. When you have worked on your blockages and limiting thoughts about sexuality, it becomes fulfilling and helps you feel better. There is obviously a hormonal part where oxytocin (attachment hormone) is secreted after sexual intercourse and endorphin increases the feeling of well-being. The moments of sexual intimacy with our partner lightens the heart and radiates everyday.

To move away from the roommate

As time goes by, a couple who moves away from their sex life gets closer to being a roommate. Often, the more passion was intense in the beginning, the more passivity prevails over the years. Why? Because the partners have taken for granted that magic works alone. However, it is not so and a couple inevitably needs effort to perpetuate the sexual flame. If you wait for the desire to come from the sky by magic, it is possible that you wait a long time …


To open to another

Sex is a mode of communication. When we share a sexuality with our partner, we give him the key to privileged access to our intimacy. If it is difficult to open in this way, it is possibly because something is wrong with the relationship. The higher the level of happiness in the couple, the more lovers will want to get closer. And the closer they get, the higher their level of happiness will be. Is not it wonderful as a vicious circle?

Lifestyle: Why do men send pictures of their penis?

Good question, is not it? I have received several comments on this, because since the arrival of dating sites and applications, the phenomenon of dick peaks has taken a disconcerting proportion. What drives men to send a photo of their private parts even before they know the recipient? I studied the subject.

“Hi, I’m Phil. Here is a picture of my penis!”

There are several hypotheses related to the motivations of men to send a photo of their machine.
First, many of them believe that this behavior opens up the exchange. A kind of subtext that suggests “Here is my penis, show me your breasts”. However, this concept of exchange is very limited, because few are those who bend to this transaction.

Another hypothesis, dating sites have many advantages, but due to the abundance of prospects, many say they no longer have time to lose. In short, over the fla-fla of seduction to reach the sexual relationship, dick picks are used to put the cards on the table from the outset. “I want to have sex, here is my penis”. According to them, it is the easiest way to direct the discussion towards their real intentions.

Surprisingly, many believe that if they like to receive this kind of photo themselves, it is because the whole world likes to receive it too. It will be understood that this is truly a false belief because all the women I have spoken to have been completely disgusted by this behavior.

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Lifestyle: The dick pics, a much deeper problem

The phenomenon of dick picks is not to be taken lightly. Obviously, I am referring to photos sent by pure strangers and not  exchanged between consenting people. Because yes, receiving penis images of men we do not know is a form of exhibitionism that ignores the notion of consent. We are currently witnessing the birth of the digital version of this sexual deviance.

A man who shows his penis to strangers usually wants to be reassured about his masculinity. By having no reference to know if his body is exciting, he clumsily concretizes his narcissism by putting in place strategies that evoke reactions in his victim. The stronger the reaction (whether positive or negative), the more reassured it will be.

Lifestyle: How to react to a penis photo?

If you receive this kind of photo, the best thing to do is not to answer it, to report the person to the social network in question and block it. For the moment, since this is a relatively new phenomenon, there is a vagueness in the law concerning the denunciation of this type of behavior. On the other hand, I read several stories of crunchy revenge including those who had sent the photo back to the mother and the wife of the man in question … Ouch!

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We wish you a lifestyle full of joy and love!