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Destructive Consequences Of Pornography On A Personal Level

Destructive Consequences Of Pornography On A Personal Level

26 Reasons To Stop Seeing Pornography

The following consequences are what happens when a Christian views pornography.

The list covers a large area of ​​negative results that pornography has about a man who is a follower of Jesus.

01. Alienation of God.

You no longer feel close to God. You do not experience the power of God. You no longer have the joy of your salvation.

02. Blinds you to the consequences.

Temporarily turns you off from your walk with God, from your relationships with your wife, your children, and others. It blinds you about what will happen to you spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally, socially, vocationally and relationally.

03. Creates unrealistic expectations.

Men begin to think that every woman should look like them and that kind of relationship is how your relationship with your wife should be.

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04. Distorts your view of sex.

Pornography makes you believe that sex is only for the pleasure of man and that women are simply objects to be used, rather than creations of God that should be honored and respected.

05. It’s never enough. Pornography has a growing effect.

As a drug, you need more and more to satisfy lasciviousness. It leads you quickly to a path of destruction and to far away from peace, joy, and healthy relationships.

06. Freedom about what you think and do is lost.

You become a slave to your sinful thoughts that lead to sinful acts.

07. Blame it after you see pornography.

But the guilt is not enough to prevent you from doing it next time.

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08. Healthy sexuality is obscured by pornography.

Healthy sex is only marital sex, which includes regular sex, altruistic sex and love sex.

09. It isolates you and makes you feel totally alone and as the only one who fights against pornography and lasciviousness.

10. Threaten your relationship with your wife or future wife

(if you are single), your testimony of Jesus Christ, and everything in your life that is important to you. You put all this at risk for pornography.

11. Keeps you in a cycle of self-destruction.

Pornography seems to medicate the pain in your life, but only adds more pain to the pain. Pornography leads you to do things you never thought you would do. Sin will take you further than you would like. It will keep you as far as you like. And it will cost you more than you would like to pay.

12. Lust – sinful sexual lasciviousness – leads you to sinful sexual acts.

Pornography put into your mind is like putting gasoline on the fire of erroneous sexual desire, resulting in destructive thoughts and actions.

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13. Masks the real wound.

You are looking for healing and it makes things worse.

14. It is never a neutral experience.

You can not see pornography and not be affected by it. This experience is always inconsistent with the Word of God.

15. Aim for women. Pornography turns them into sex objects.

It kidnaps the man’s ability to see an older woman as a mother figure, a woman of the same age as a sister, and a younger woman like the figure of a daughter.

16. It brings a very short pleasure, followed by pain and more pain.

17. To give up becomes the struggle of a life.

Once you allow pornography in, there is a violent battle with Satan and his old nature to watch over. Once you allow pornography into your life, there will always be a battle. It is a battle to be won, but a daily battle.
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18. It stays in your mind forever.

Satan keeps that image repeating in his mind to create a cycle of sinful lust and take you back to pornography. You become attached to an image, not a person.

19. Shame comes into your life.

Guilty is feeling bad about something you did. Shame, however, is based on feeling bad for who you are. Pornography brings shame. God never brings shame. Satan always brings shame.

20. Trust is lost with the people you love and respect most.

21. Open the door to all sexual sin.

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Pornography is a portal, an entry that brings nothing good and all sorrowful, such as compulsive masturbation, cravings, dangerous sexual practices, visits to adult places, use of prostitution, perverted sexual practices, and sexual abuse.

22. Violates women.

You are putting your seal of approval on an industry that degrades and dehumanizes women.

23. An invitation to look at other women.

24. It extinguishes the truth. Pornography promotes lying.

You lie to others, lie to God and mind to yourself. You lie more to cover old lies. You become a living lie.

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25. Link you to an image.

You get stuck and attached to the picture instead of your wife or future wife if you are single.

26. Close your lips to praise God,

talk about your faith, tell others how they can experience God.