The Correct Approach to the Execution of the Exercise Plank

The Correct Approach to the Execution of the Exercise “Plank”

The Correct Approach to the Execution of the Exercise “Plank”

There are many exercises that allow maintaining the body in a tone, while strengthening it. However, “Plank” bribes with its accessibility and universality.

"Plank" bribes with its accessibility and universality
“Plank” bribes with its accessibility and universality

A set of muscle mass or the desire for a slender figure – all this is possible, thanks to one simple exercise. The attraction of such training is the absence of any requirements to the conditions of implementation: there is no need to look for a special room, there is no need to use sports equipment, and most importantly the exercise is suitable for any person, regardless of his physical fitness.

What muscles work?

When performing the exercise “Plank” the muscles of the shoulder girdle, muscles-stabilizers, biceps, triceps, muscles of the back, legs and buttocks are involved. Training in this way allows you to accentuate the muscles of the abdomen and strengthen those muscle groups that are responsible for supporting the joints.

First of all, direct and transverse abdominal muscles are included in the work. As stabilizers, oblique abdominal muscles act. During the exercise, they allow you to keep the body in balance and such a regular load certainly gives a result – the oblique muscles adapt to this effect and become stronger.

The work includes also stabilizers of the upper and lower parts of the body: thoracic and jagged muscles, as well as hips and tailor muscles. This training allows you to expand the shoulder girdle and stretch the muscle groups located in this place.

Types of exercise “Plank”

Classical Plank

Exercise is carried out from the prone position. Forearm protruding forearm (Read the article, how to pump large forearms) and toes.

Classical Plank
Classical Plank

During execution, the following points should be considered:

  • We keep the back straight;
  • Do not bulge your buttocks;
  • Hands should be bent so that they are at shoulder level.

The effectiveness of such an exercise depends on how tight the muscles are. To maximize the development of muscle groups should be as much as possible to strain the muscles of the hips and abdomen. Due to the connection of the feet, an increase in load is achieved.

Plank on straight armsPlank on straight arms

This Plank is very similar to the classic. The only difference is in the position of the hands. As the support points are direct arms. The basic nuance, which is worth paying attention to – this is necessarily straightened neck. Hands should be placed under the shoulder joints. Shoulders should be pulled back as far as possible.

Side Plank

Side Plank
Side Plank

The initial position is sitting on the floor, leaning on the right or left side. Consider the option with the right side. Recommendations for implementation are as follows:

  • Leaning against a bent at a right angle or straightened arm, we try to lift the trunk from the surface;
  • Torso lifting is provided due to the tension of the muscles of the arm and abdomen;
  • At lifting we lean on an edge of a foot of the left leg which should be straightened;
  • The left leg is pressed to the right;
  • The left hand should be kept straightened and raised so that it forms a straight line with the right hand.

If the exercise is given with difficulty, then it can be eased. It is enough to add a third point of support. In other words, when lifting the trunk, you can lean directly on two legs, rather than one.

Plank with raised hand

Plank with raised hand
Plank with raised hand

This exercise is suitable for experienced athletes who want to give the muscles a lot of stress. Complexity is achieved by keeping the body in balance, relying on three points.

The exercise is performed as follows:

  • The starting position is a classic Plank or a Plank on elongated hands;
  • We lift one hand forward and stay for a few seconds;
  • We change the hand and do the same.

Plank with raised leg

The scheme of this exercise is similar to the previous one. The only difference is that instead of the hand it is necessary to raise the leg, straightened in the knee. The main emphasis is on keeping the body in balance for a few seconds.

Benefit and harm from exercise Plank

All of the above types of straps are aimed at strengthening the muscles-stabilizers, which allow you to keep the spine, pelvis and hips in the correct position. Thus, the main benefit of the exercise is that it helps to reduce the likelihood of injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Another invaluable advantage of the Plank is that its regular performance contributes to the increase of the athlete’s endurance and strength, which affects the results when working with a barbell or dumbbells. Planck makes the back more attractive, the posture is correct and beautiful.

And, of course, the exercise from the point of view of psychological and emotional health, trains endurance and will, and also improves mood.

Harm does not bring any exercise, except when performing in the presence of contraindications.

There are not many of them, but they are worth knowing about:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome;
  • Injuries and sprains of joints, elbows, feet and shoulders;
  • High blood pressure;
  • Injuries of the spine, incl. spinal hernia;
  • Syndrome of the cubital canal;
  • Neuropathy of the radial nerve.

When is it better to make a Plank?

If you have a free minute, then why not spend it with profit
If you have a free minute, then why not spend it with profit

There is an opinion that it is better to run in the morning. Opponents of this approach argue that physical activity should take place in the evening. As for the Plank, there are no clear recommendations. Exercise is universal also from the point of view that it can be performed when and wherever.

If you have a free minute, then why not spend it with profit. In appropriate conditions, the Plank can be performed even in the workplace. Thus, the exercise is ideal for both morning exercises, and for day or evening “minutes of physical activity.”


If you are interested in building a steel press, improve the figure, gain quality muscle mass and save yourself from the occurrence of injuries, then the Plank is an ideal option. Of course, this exercise does not solve all your problems, but its action can give an impetus to development, accelerate the process of achieving the set goals, regarding health and appearance.

An important nuance is the technique of performing the exercise and other recommendations that have been described above. Following these uncomplicated provisions, one can experience the effectiveness, gaining popularity all over the world, the exercises “Plank”.

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