Best Exercises for an Elastic Breasts

The Best Exercises for an Elastic Breasts

The Best Exercises for an Elastic Breasts

We present the most effective exercises that will help make the breasts more elastic.

Clenching of the palms

This simple exercise is feasible even for inexperienced athletes.

This simple exercise is feasible even for inexperienced athletes
This simple exercise is feasible even for inexperienced athletes

How to arrange a body:

  • standing;
  • feet together;
  • palms of hands are closed at the level of the chest, elbows parallel to the floor are directed in different directions.

How to do:

  • palms with maximum force against each other;
  • fix, keeping the voltage, for 3-4 seconds;
  • relax the muscles.


  • breathing in;
  • constricting on exhalation.

The press is repeated 10-12 times, 3-4 approaches, breaks 2-3 minutes.

Push ups

Depending on the sports training, different types of push-ups are performed – classical, from the knees or from the wall.

Classic push-ups

How to arrange a body:

  • lying down;
  • the emphasis in the floor is carried out by the palms (hands spread slightly wider than the shoulders) and the toes of the toes;
  • the body is straight.

How to do:

  • the body is lowered by the slow bending of the elbows;
  • fix the position for 1-2 seconds; push forward back.


  • breath before bending the elbows;
  • exhalation with lifting the body up.

Perform 10-15 times, 3 calls, breaks for 30-40 seconds. Exercise requires a developed musculature of the hands.

From the knees

With push-ups from the knees, the body is located with the letter “z”:

  • The body is raised above the floor with an emphasis on the palms and knees;
  • from the shoulder to the knee, the body line is straight;
  • from the knee of the leg bend and, crossing, lifted up.

The rest of the exercise is similar to classic push-ups.

From the wall

Exercise is performed by analogy with other push-ups:

  • standing facing the wall (at a distance of a step);
  • hands stretched out straight, resting their palms on the wall (slightly wider than shoulders);
  • the body is straight.

With weak physical training begin with a light version of push-ups (from the wall), moving to more complex as the pectoral muscles strengthen.

The bench press

The most effective option – on the bench with a slope, as a weight used dumbbells, bar from the bar, the bar.

How to arrange a body:

  • body on the board, feet on the floor on the sides of the board;
  • elbows look to the sides;
  • Hands with a weight pointing up;
  • the position of the elbow is slightly below the breast level.

How to do:

  • the push is sent up;
  • fix the position for a couple of seconds;
  • return their hands back.


  • breathing in;
  • weight upward sent on exhalation.

Lives perform 10-12 times, 3 calls, breaks 2-3 minutes. “Lite” version of the exercise – from a position lying on the floor. More information about bench press you can read here.

Hands up through the sides

There are several options for performing this effective “tightening” of the breast.

From standing position

Beginners can master the exercise without weighting. But later the weight is necessarily added.

How to arrange a body:

  • standing;
  • feet shoulder width apart;
  • hands are omitted.

How to do:

  • hands spread across the sides of the top;
  • they must “connect” over their heads;
  • fix the position for 1 second;
  • They put their hands back.


  • on inhalation, arms are bred;
  • on exhalation return back.

Exercise is done 12-15 times, 3-4 sets, breaks 2-3 minutes. The variant of the exercise is to finish the raising of the hands in a position just above the shoulder (without winding them over their heads) and return them back.

From the board

Especially effectively perform this exercise with dumbbells on a horizontal board.

How to arrange a body:

  • body on the board;
  • The legs bent at the knees are set apart;
  • The arms with dumbbells are spread apart at the chest level;
  • elbows slightly bent.

In the rest – the same as execution from a standing position.


To perform a complex of pull-ups, a good physical preparation is required. After all, pulling is work with a lot of weight (the mass of your own body). Exercise is performed on a horizontal bar.

How to arrange a body:

  • on the horizontal bar;
  • arms slightly wider than shoulders;
  • The fingers are located “from themselves” when the bar is clamped;
  • knees slightly bent, ikronozhnye legs crossed.

How to do:

  • pull the body to the crossbar, bending arms in the elbows;
  • lifting the body smoothly, without jerking;
  • Ideally, the chin should be fixed above the horizontal bar for a couple of seconds;
  • the body is smoothly returned back;
  • lifting and lowering the body should take an equal amount of time.


  • breathing in;
  • lifting the body on exhalation.

Trained athletes are tightened 10-12 times, carrying out several visits. Beginners should definitely master this complex, but effective exercise for the elasticity of the chest, starting at least several times a day.

Additional measures for the elasticity of the breast

A full complex of care for the breast includes toning procedures. Effectively restore, maintain the elasticity and elasticity of the female breast:

  • exposure to cold – wiping with ice, cold showers;
  • massage and breast self-massage with natural oils;
  • cold and hot shower.

These procedures improve blood flow, metabolic processes in tissues, which promotes breast rejuvenation, preservation of its attractive appearance. The female breast consists almost entirely of the breast, in which there are no muscles. But it is supported by a muscular corset. Strengthening his physical exertion, you can restore the elasticity and beautiful shape of the chest.

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