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Addiction Degrades Your Quality Of Life, Say No To Physical And Mental Slavery

Addiction Degrades Your Quality Of Life:

Say ‘No’ To Physical And Mental Slavery!

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It is never too much to talk about the harm of cigarettes. But this time, we dedicated this article to all therapists, facilitators, counselors and instructors of alternative therapies who have not yet been able to reconcile a healing and service activity with the absence of smoking.

smoking addiction
smoking addiction

Here is some more information, hopefully, that can provoke the conscious motivation that IT IS NOW THAT I QUIT SMOKING!

The growing use of genetically modified tobacco plant seeds poses another serious problem for our health. The objective is to have a plant resistant to tobacco larvae, aphids and other worms, which become difficult to eliminate by spraying herbicides, due to the large size of leaves covering the rest of the plant and the fact that some worms, feed on the root itself.

pornography addiction
pornography addiction

Thus, in biotechnology companies laboratories inject bacteria genes from the DNA of other living beings with pesticides and herbicides, which will directly affect worms, but also all people who smoke. These genetically modified plants have herbicides and pesticides inside them and when the cigarette burns at 1700 degrees Fahrenheit during inhalation the pesticide is mixed with nicotine and ammonia and creates a chemical cocktail that reaches the central nervous system.

Alcohol addiction has terrible consequences for the addict. In addition to known maladies ranging from cirrhosis to liver cancer, alcohol is also disastrous for the psychological side.


The most dangerous is that alcohol is treated as something sociable, always present in meetings, parties, celebrations and even within homes, without distinction of social class.

Drug addiction.
The problem of drugs is another scourge that affects humanity, especially youth.
Gigantic sums have been invested, but neither governments nor science can find a solution to the problem that is becoming more serious every day and affects all classes.
Only as we will learn in this lesson can we solve this problem in a radical and definitive way.
The problem of addiction is internal and psychological and must be tackled in this field.
The effects of the drug are as devastating as that of alcohol, but its damage is felt much earlier.

I am a Porn Addict

Your Question: I am a porn addict. This area of ​​my life makes me very sad, because I can not solve it. I’m always fighting this addiction, but I always lose to it. My desire seems to be greater than I, he dominates me, I do not know what to do. Will I have to live with this sin for the rest of my life? I am afraid of not being saved because of my mistake. What to do to overcome addiction in pornography and masturbation?

Dear reader, this really is a big problem and has hit millions of men and women today. The enemy of our souls has acted strongly in this area and the world has also favored that this kind of addiction happen and be maintained. But it is possible to overcome addiction in pornography and masturbation. To do so, I’ll share ten secrets that will help you to no longer be addicted to pornography and masturbation and thus get the ability and strength to tame the force of addiction when it appears.