Reasons to Improve Posture

5 Important Reasons to Improve Posture

5 Important Reasons to Improve Posture

In childhood, each of us repeatedly received advice from parents, teachers, and caregivers to walk with their heads held high, straighten their backs, stop stooping. But not all followed this useful recommendations. The result for those who did not pay attention to their posture, appeared already in his youth: not only slouching, but also deterioration of health.

Fortunately, poor posture can be largely corrected, even in an adult. This process requires some time and serious self-control, but the efforts will pay off handsomely: the correct position of the spine will improve the appearance and get rid of many health problems.

Toning up

A person who is accustomed to constantly slouching has difficulty breathing, the diaphragm and the pectoral muscles are forced to work with increased loads, and the lungs are not sufficiently filled with air. As a result, all the tissues of the body suffer from oxygen deficiency.

With the back straightened and the shoulder blades slightly moved back, the respiratory organs begin to work effectively, the blood is saturated with oxygen. The general tone of the body increases, the opportunity to work actively appears, the outlook on life becomes more optimistic.

Skeleton load relief

The incorrect position of the spine leads to the development of pathologies of all parts of the skeleton. The fact is that in this case the weight of the body is distributed differently than provided by nature. It has been found, for example, that tilting the head 3 cm forward affects the spinal column and legs in the same way as lifting a load of 5 kg. It is obvious that the corresponding loads, experienced constantly, overwork muscles, injure joints and bones.

People with impaired posture get used to walking and standing, slightly pushing the pelvic bones forward. Such a posture is not only unaesthetic, but also dangerous: the result of this skewing of the figure often becomes tendon inflammation (tendinitis). When straightening the spine load on the joints is optimized, their normal, physiological position is restored.

Weight loss

Improving the supply of tissues with oxygen leads to an acceleration of metabolic processes. In addition, the musculoskeletal system becomes more plastic, it is easier to engage in exercises that require increased body flexibility and mobility of the joints (for example, dancing, aerobics, fitness). Proper posture allows you to get real pleasure from sports, less tired during exercise.

Thus, straightening the spine contributes to more efficient use of energy reserves of the body. People who are concerned about the correction of their posture, reduced weight.

Headache rescue

Many people suffer from so-called tension headaches. This obsessive and very unpleasant condition is the result of muscle blocks that have formed in the shoulder, neck or jaw area.

The direct cause of such problems usually becomes a long stay in the same posture, usually with your head bent forward and your back bowed. Such a position of the body is not necessarily related to production necessity: it is just a habit that can be dealt with.

By learning to keep your back straight and your head elevated and slightly laid back, you can permanently get rid of tension headaches.

Increase stress tolerance

It is known that body language exists: emotions, character traits are reflected in gestures, movements. So, indecisive and timid people are constantly “shrinking” – they are hunched, lowered and hide their face, trying to look as inconspicuous as possible. Self-sufficiency and self-reliance, on the contrary, make a person straighten his shoulders, make the walk free and unchained.

Oddly enough, there is a feedback: the habit of walking with a straight back and proudly raised head affects mood and even social realization. Proper posture not only becomes a signal to others – it makes a person stronger, more resolute, helps to cope with stress and successfully solve various life problems.

Posture correction is quite a feasible task. If the habit of slouching has not yet led to irreversible disorders of the musculoskeletal system, there is enough constant self-control and not burdensome, but regular exercise, to assimilate the habit of keeping straight. In more complex cases, you will need the help of a doctor and a professional trainer.

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